Another "System Validation" error in Font Book

Hi. I’ve found a few threads about people who have “System Validation” errors in Font Book with their exported OTF fonts, but the solutions there either don’t apply or haven’t worked for me. I’ve disabled autohinting. I’ve also followed the instructions to clear my font caches, but it didn’t help. Also, I am not installing the exported fonts, only using “Validate File” in Font Book.

Here’s a file (57.2 KB) with my .glyphs file, my exported .otf, and my ftxvalidator output. As I’ve read with other cases, exporting as TTF produces a working font; it’s only OTF that is borked.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There are a lot of weird settings in your Font Info. Actually all of the Font info settings are questionable. You may want to go through and revise all of them. The resulting OTF is empty, that is probably what causes the installation error.

Yeeeeeaaaaah, I’m brand new to this, and this is a subset-plus-modifications of an existing font; most of those settings come from the original, though a couple of them are reconstructed from quick guesses.

Is there a good resource for which of those parameters absolutely need to be set and set correctly?

(And the original is a Japanese font with 15,000+ glyphs, which may contribute to weirdness)

I don’t think any of the custom parameters in the Font tab (in Font Info) are necessary. I suggest you remove them. Also in Master tab, there are way too many stems and alignment zones. You should rather clear them too. You may want to auto-generate alignment zones after that, as well as a couple of stems, if you want better rendering at low resolution (optional). Glyphs is made in the way that you do not need to set any of those custom settings under normal circumstances, so you don’t need to worry about them unless you know what you need.

After clearing those things, the font was generated just fine.