Another thread about Axis mappings

I have a font where the masters and instances for the weight axis are not according to the OT spec. So I need to remap them to 100, 200, 300, etc.
I remember achieving this by using the “Axis mappings” parameter in combination with “Axis location” and there were some discrepancies with these parameter when building with Fontmake but this time I’m building with Glyphs.
So I added the parameters but the problem is the avar table is being created but the instances in the fvar table are using internal coordinates and not the user/external ones.

Could you please give me some info on how to achieve this? I already checked the VF tutorial and the handbook.


I would add “Axis Location” parameters in the masters and instances. And don’t use an “Axis Mappings” parameter.

Thanks! Didn’t remember that the “Axis Location” can be used on instances too.

Good idea to re-read the Variable Font tutorial. I recently added a chapter about this.