Any dutch designers out there to weigh in on "IJ"

Do the dutch usually type I and j individually or do they use the IJ ligature? Wondering if designers skip the IJ ligature altogether or if it is worth including.

They type I-J separately because there is no dedicated IJ key. If you omit IJ, however, you’ll get complaints from people who prefer to pick the digraph from the glyph palette.

awesome, thanks!

I’ve been told by an experienced Dutch type designer that if your IJ is just I+J components, then there’s no practical need to add it as a single glyph.

Wouldn’t that look bad with tracking? IJ is supposed to stay together while other caps spread out, no?

There’s disagreement about this. Some people prefer tracking. Some people prefer them fixed.

You will still get support questions. People insert the glyph and because it has a Unicode, it would not survive switching fonts.

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