Any plugin or script to remind me of existing smart component?

any plugin to remind me of existing smart component?
Usually, I use selected part to create smart component. Naming is a problem for the current version if i have several names stared with same prefix.
For example, when there is already a samrt component calle A01, when i try to create a new one and input A01, it will tell me it’s already there, so that i can input A02 to name the new smart component.

I’m afraid I don’t understand your workflow. Can you describe it in greater detail?

I have some smart component with the same name, so I have to rename them by adding suffix 1, 2, 3 after the same name.
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used selected part to create smart component. when I create a same name part, I have to set a name plus suffix if there is any already there. I hope it could automatically add a suffix if possible . so I don’t have to check it manually before renaming, or remind me of existing name
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That dialog will be improved in the next version. It will warn about conflicts.

But you need to find a better naming scheme that is more descriptive to avoid conflicts.

And are you sure you mean “smart” components? Not just regular components?

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First,I create a component, then I make it smart.

Thanks. but , If you learnt chinese, you won’t talk like that. Difficult to explain.

There must be something that explains the difference between the two glyphs. Maybe it is a radical that is used in the top half or when it is left/right.

you did not keep your word again. not shown in new release. If you don’t want to add it, pls don’t say you will, you will. I want to ask someone else for real help.

I meant in the 3.2 update. The 3.1.1 has just some smaller bug fixes.