Any problems with high UPM?

Hi everyone!
I’m considering using a high UPM (like 4096) for better interpolation in a variable font. Are there any cons or problems with that?
This article warns to stay away from 3000, but it was written in 2012-2013, so I’m wondering if we’ve done any progress since those ancient times? Thanks!

Why do you think you get better interpolation?

See how the bowl (of many letters) needs a couple of extra nodes in the condensed style and they should hide when it gets wider — the only solution I could find is to put them really close to each other at an angle matching the slant. But even with 2048 UPM (blue) it’s still noticeably kinky in some instances, and 4096 (black) seems more functional.

Can you send me that file?

Sorry that it took so long. For me, all instances look good.

In which app are the screenshots taken?

No worries, thank you!
Do you mean preinstalled instances or all positions? Because preinstalled = masters, so they are ok. But if you set it in italic angle and change the weight/width sliders, the bowls gets kinky like on the screenshots.

@mekkablue, the screenshots are from illustrator, but it also happens in browsers. I think it’s not a software bug, but just the geometry/grid issue since there are two nodes really close to each other and they jump on the grid.

The interpolation in variable fonts should not stick to the grid. At least that was my understanding.