Any way to preview palettes/exports for a color font?

Hi there, I’m having a lot of fun working on a color font, and have created 8 palettes that export beautifully as exports/instances thanks to your excellent tutorials. I have a question about previewing the instances, is there a way to get the palettes to show up in the instances preview at the bottom? See attached, the instances all preview as black instead of their color palettes.

What have you selected in the instance selection popup in the lower left?

See attached, I copied and pasted the instances. What should it be?

I meant this one in the Edit View.

I am showing all instances, see attached.

What happens if you select one of the instances?

No change when I select an instance. Still black.

Maybe I’m expecting Glyphs to do something it doesn’t do…

Can you send me the file that I can have a look?

(I got the file, just removed your post that your file is not open too long)

I played around a bit:

oh cool, how’d do you do it?

I implemented it. Will be available in a future version.

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That will be a very helpful feature, thank you