Aogonek and iogonek not decomposed in TTF fonts

Exporting TTFs does not decompose aogonek and iogonek. Each character consists of 2 overlapping components. Is this intended?

Do the both components actually overlap?

Can you send me the file?

You don’t have the keep overlapping components parameter set, right?

no. It works with other characers, like ccedila or uogonek.

Thanks for the file. I fixed it.

(p.s. it’s perfectly legal to have such components overlap in TTF)

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Oh, really? I always believed that TTFs should not contain overlapping components. Is it not a hinting problem then?

Only PS should not contain overlapping components (until CFF 1.8, coming in the not so near future) but TTF is happy with overlaps. TT Hinting is not a real problem, because Glyphs TT hinting doesn’t do anything in X, the 2 components should stay where they are. Even if you want B/W hinting with gridfit in all directions it would be no problem, you can use nice functions to attach (or center) accents to base glyphs. (in VTT).
Overlaps just need a bit more care from persons peeling plastic from plotted paths.

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Just to clarify: Components with overlaps are okay in TT but what about non-component contour overlaps?

Any overlap is allowed in TT, o with slash, self-crossing ampersands. Adobe realized after more than 3 decades than overlaps have benefits, so they re-invented the PostScript format in CFF 1.8.

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Excellent, thanks for that information!

Looks like the keep overlapping components parameter is often a sensible thing, not a hack.