Apostrophe glyph doesn't work

Hi - I am creating a font and the characters apostrophe and inverted commas are not working.
I designed the glyphs and when I type it , nothing happens with that key.
Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

You need to provide more information. What are your glyphs called? In what app are you typing it? How are you typing it?
It may be that your keyboard is triggering a “curly-quote” and you only have a “dumb quote” or the other way around. Do you have these in your font: /quotedblleft, /quotedblright, /quoteleft, /quoteright, /quotedbl, /quotesingle?

Yes. Make sure you have all glyphs in Categories > Punctuation > Quote:



Thank you so much was exactly that !!!

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