App crashes when using smart components

I just created a smart component in a file with two masters. The component has only one property, it is a line with different lengths.

When I want to add the component to a glyph, the app crashes. In this case I wanted to use it for the bar in the /f.

Which version of Glyphs?
Can you send us the file to support…?

Latest cutting edge. I’ll PM you the file

Did you send crash reports?

Sorry, I did not.

Please send the crash report through the dialog that shows up when you restart the app. And add your name that I can find it.

I just did

I fixed that already. Will be fixed in the next version. If you have a machine with macOS 10.10 or later this crash will not happen.

Will it also be fixed for 10.9.5 ?

I fixed it for 10.9. But until the update is finished, you could use MacOS 10.10.