App not starting after update

After updating this morning Glyphsapp will no longer start. :cry:

Please follow the steps in the Crashes tutorial.

Is that the latest cutting edge version?

yes it is.

The crash report is too long to post here, should I email it somewhere?

I removed the plugin “Backdrop” and apparently it is working again.

Edit: Still works after installing “Backdrop” again.

Usually you should just send it directly where the crash reports wants to send itself when you click on “send”. Then it gets piped to wherever it can be handled best. Just fyi.

Sounds like the plug-in was outdated. Removing and reinstalling through the Plugin Manager always gives you the latest version.

That’s what I normally do when Glyphs crashes but this was the operating system giving me a crash report without even starting up the app.

That must be it. Thanks.

You can ignore the crash report from the system that comes up automatically. But please always send the report that comes up when re-starting the app.

Thanks, will do.
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