Apple Color PNG Font problems: sbix not showing in Photoshop


Can you send me the file?


sent you by mail, thanks!


The font works fine for me in Illustrator and Photoshop. You need to install them in FontBook because Apple color fonts are only supported that way.

The font is beautiful and a very nice example why people should be more enthusiastic about color fonts.


I am installing on fontbook =(


The font shows up at the menu, but the glyphs are all empty.



the “v2” files is when stopped working.



Did you export as TrueType and without removing overlap?


Ok! I was working on other projects and forgot the “remove overlap” activated, my mistake but here are same tests results:

40v2 -
o - remove overlap
o - autohint
o - ttf

— shows up in phtoshop, baseline goes crazy (but I might know what’s going on)

    o - remove overlap
    x - autohint
    o - ttf

    — don’t shows up in photoshop

    o - remove overlap
    x - autohint
    x - ttf

    — don’t export
    Error Message:

    Problem with ttf autohint:
    No glyph for a standard character to derive standard width and height.
    Please check the documentation for a list of script-specific standard characters,
    or use option `--symbol'.

one doubt, when you exported it, worked out perfectly?



I was playing around with this a bit. When exported as ttf and without autohinting (hints for images don’t make sense ;). It did work as expected.

If you export with postscript curves, you need to close all paths, because open paths are ignored and thus the positioning is missing.


after that I wrote a script for best manners on exporting an Sbix Font (just the export options), @filipenegrao helped me make a cool UI =)


You can set all of those options as custom parameters. They overwrite the settings in the export dialog.


Hmm, makes sense but is there a Custom Parameter for export folder?
for me it works because when I export other kinda fonts, I won’t forget how it should be setted hehehe