Apply filter to specific layers only, when exporting?

I added colored layers to a font I previously made. The color layers are open paths, and I am using the offset curve filter to offset the paths when I export. This works great - except it also offsets the curves from my font on the regular layer. And I dont want that.

So is there a way to only apply the offset curve filter to the layers and spare the “bottom” regular layer when exporting?


You can use include or exclude arguments after the custom parameter. For example:

GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve;24;24;0;0.5; include: A,B,C
(offset filter that only applies to A B C)

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Thats great, thanks so much Tosche!

Hi, I couldnt figure out how to include or exclude layers specifically. My goal is to exclude the “regular” layer from filter, or include the “Color 0” layer etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This is currently not possible, at least not in a sane way. If you export an COLR/CPAL font, the color layers will be made into individual glyphs. But the glyph names are just numbered. I changed that the glyph names are a bit more predictable.