April 2018 Plugin discounts?

I watched your presentation at typolabs (which is very helpful!), and at the end you mentioned that there is discounts for commercial plugins happening. Unfortunatelly I missed the email, so I wanted to ask what exactly I have to do to get the plugins discounted?

I was hoping to get remix tools and super tool for a really long time >< but the price is a bit too much for me.


It the RMX-Tools would cost five times as they do, they would be still a steal. They are so useful and save so much time that they repay itself after a few minutes of usage.

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Yes that’s why I was hoping to get it but still haven’t enough money to do that (I’m not reside in a developed country), $99 is half a month of my earning tbh.

All registered Glyphs users will receive an e-mail with discount codes today.