Arabic characters with double nice glyphs names (anchors marks cloud discrepancy)


when renaming (editing nice names in the text field under each glyph), there are some (maybe more) arabic characters with two names options for each character:

  1. alefhamzaabovearabic 0623 = alefhamzaabove-ar 0623

  2. alefhamzaabovefinalarabic FE84 = alefhamzaabovefinal-ar FE84

  3. alefhamzabelowarabic 0625 = alefhamzabelow-ar 0625

  4. alefhamzabelowfinalarabic FE88 = alefhamzabelowfinal-ar FE88

  5. alefmaddaabovearabic 0622 = alefmaddaabove-ar 0622

  6. alefmaddaabovefinalarabic FE82 = alefmaddaabovefinal-ar FE82

  7. alefarabic 0627 = alef-ar 0627 (mark cloud appears for both of them)

… etc for the rest of letters

mark cloud does not appear with names with -ar suffix (for characters listed from 1 - 6). even if in other .glyphs file works.
i did Glyph > option + Reset anchors for the mentioned glyphs but no cloud appears

renaming back to the names without -ar suffix the cloud appears
but the problem is no autogenerated OT features with non “-ar” ending names
also the OT have not generated for characters listed from 1 - 6 even if with -ar suffix

the names without the -ar suffix are not in the glyph info list but in the field results beneath each glyph box in font view.

The first column in your list seem to be the Adobe names. Glyphs uses its own naming scheme. And you should stick to it if you like to have the automatic features.

The “-ar” names you mention are not correct:

alefhamzaabove-ar      0623 > alefHamzaabove-ar
alefhamzaabovefinal-ar FE84 > alefHamzaabove-ar.fina
alefhamzabelow-ar      0625 > alefHamzabelow-ar
alefhamzabelowfinal-ar FE88 > alefHamzabelow-ar.fina
alefmaddaabove-ar      0622 > alefMadda-ar
alefmaddaabovefinal-ar FE82 > alefMadda-ar.fina

Maybe you have an outdate “GlyphsData.xml” in Application Support/Glyphs/Info?


thank you
I have the last cutting edge

But I found the search field under glyphs is case sensitive e.g. when write alefh… the suggestions list never show any alefH… with a capital H.

you can change the case sensitivity when you click on the looking glass icon in the search field.

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