Arabic Data Updated #1

Mr. George : This file is updated number one… I think I have completed your work and the work of your team

Thank you. We will have a look.

After all these modifications in the file xml, I put my feet on the table to wait glyphsApp update soon allows me to export the font file

Is there a method that can generate numbers automatically sortName in xml?

You can use your XML now already. You don’t have to wait for us.

You could write a quick Python script for generating sort names. But if it is only for a few glyphs, then it is probably easier to do it manually.

I put a script on my github

When exporting the message appears with an xml file current and former

An unknown problem occured. MakeOTF could not write the font file.

Georg Seifert
Mr. George: if you put code directly; instead of checking the script, I deposit with honors in php

nameSuffix = “ar”

f = open(“Numbering.xml”, “r”)
i = 0

for line in f:
if len(line) > 40:
if line.find(“sortName=”) > 0:
begin = line.find(“sortName=”")
end = line.find("" “, begin)
line = line[:begin] + line[end+2:]
pos = line.find(“name=””)
pos = line.find("" “, pos)
print line[:pos+2] + “sortName=”%s%.4d” " % (nameSuffix, i) + line[pos+2:],

	print line,

Anything could be the reason for that. Try this:

this is what i see in terminal

Last login: Mon Apr 28 05:41:24 on ttys000
blacks-mbp:~ iSkyFalConS$ /Users/iSkyFalConS/Library/Containers/com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs/Data/Library/Appli cation\ Support/Glyphs/Temp/Emad-Maram-Normal/generateFont.command ; exit;
-bash: /Users/iSkyFalConS/Library/Containers/com.schriftgestaltung.Glyphs/Data/Library/Appli cation Support/Glyphs/Temp/Emad-Maram-Normal/generateFont.command: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Operation not permitted

[Process completed]

Can you try re-installing Glyphs?

i reinstallation, but did not get the benefit

Is there no solution?

The problem is not directly related to the app. This might be a problem with the App Store version of Glyphs. But can you try the suggestions on this page: on-not-permitted

Mr. George
Solve the problem, but with the current xml file will not benefited from the file something, I have a pile of the marks that will not work with the file, what solution do you think?

Arabic Data Updated #2