Arabic exported with no kerning

I generated OTF fonts with arabic, but all the kerning for the arabic part is missing, while the latin is still there.

I test my fonts by exporting them directly to the fonts folder in the inDesign folder, so I don’t think its cache.
I’m sure I’m missing something here.


Can you send me the .glyphs file?

I suppose kerning for Arabic won’t be applied if you did not adjust your pairs/groups while Right to Left setting is turned ON.

That’s it. Didn’t know that, makes sense. Thanks!

There is a problem with your file. A lot of the glyphs don’t have unicodes assigned. I don’t know how you managed to do that. Select all glyphs and run Glyph > Update Glyph Info. (That will give you an error with a duplicate Tcommaaccent/tcommaaccent. Rename one of each to Tcedilla/tcedilla.)

The glyphs without unicodes came from Fontlab, I started the font there. I may have lost the unicode values in the process of renaming glyphs to meet Glyphs namings, using scripts.

I got the kerning working fine now, btw.
Thank you for the the tip.

I was checked the generated fonts and seems like glyphs added the missing unicodes.