Arabic Font Features

I’m trying to automate the Glyph substitution for a Woff2 font.

My OTF font works perfectly and the Woff2 variant is not consistent across multiple browsers/OSs, for example the Arabic Glyph uniFCCC spears perfectly on OSX and IOS browsers but not on windows or android.
I tried the following in the Feature section but it didn’t work

sub uniFED4 uniFEF2 by uniFC32;

but that didn’t work, any ideas?

Is there any particular reason you are using uniXXXX names and not the name provided by Glyphs? If you would switch the names, you would get all Feature code automatically.

I did a straight conversion from OTF to Woff2 the glyph dose not show the name only the unicode in the info box.

is there a way to generate the names based on the unicode?

I am not sure I understand what you are doing. Are you trying to reverse engineer a compiled font? I suggest to get the source files instead. Here is why:

If you open a .otf file in Glyphs, it will change the names if the “Keep glyph names from imported files” is not set. So in your case, disable it.

But is seem that you just like to make a .woff file? Then you should not open the .otf in Glyphs but use a otf to woff converter.

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