Arabic Font

I have small problem, that i create arabic font and after genrating the font i discover there’s a white gap between the alphabet.
and also, if you have any video that explain espesial for arabic because, it’s very short video only for arabic.

thanks for your help

I have Glyphs Now, and it’s powerful software. i start from the Guideline, it’s working but for English font, essay but for arabic not much video.


The other videos contain no special info for English or Latin, but things for type design in general, which are also true for Arabic. There is also a written tutorial about Arabic in the tutorials section.

Three possible answers:

  1. Are you trying to use cursive attachment without the exit and entry anchors?
  2. Did you not space your glyphs properly? Read the tutorial about spacing. Or watch the video.
  3. Perhaps it is a font cache problem. Read this please:
    Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

1- yes, without anchors

2- there’s a space add

Then you need to have sidebearings at zero or negative.