Arabic forms x language alternates

Perhaps already covered, but I didn’t find it…

In an Arabic font I have glyphs named beh-ar, beh-ar.init, beh-ar.medi, etc.

I also require language-specific alternates designated, say, by a .sen extension, e.g. beh-ar.sen.

Should the initial form be called beh-ar.init.sen or beh-ar.sen.init ?

Thanks in advance…

  1. you pick the right language tag for the intended language from
  2. you add a .loclXXX (where XXX stands for the language tag) suffix to the glyph name.
  3. order the suffixes in the order of the OT features: localisation will usually appear before positional forms, so beh-ar.loclXXX.init
  4. update the features