Arabic letter not connecting

Hello, I have an issue of after exporting my letters they all connect except the medi ه (heh-ar.medi) and I’m not sure why. I only have the option disable subroutines enabled for export.

What glyph names are you using?
Have you added the required features in Font Info > Features?

And in what app are you testing?

I am mainly testing in illustrator and the problem occurs in every adobe app so far. However, when I tested it in word or powerpoint it worked fine? But I need to use the font in illustrator.

I believe I have added the required features in font info and I will provide screenshots just in case. I am also using the regular glyph names given. I’ve also selected all of them and updated glyph info.

The glyph names screenshot just in case as well.

How did you install the font?
Have you read this:
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