Arabic ligatures in edit mode

When Arabic ligatures are formed in the edit mode the cursor and text editing becomes almost unusable. The cursor cannot be positioned, neither through mouse-click nor through the keyboard, and thus spacing and kerning becomes tedious to impossible. I’ve seen this through all versions of Glyphs I’ve used thus far, so think it’s not related to my setup. Can anyone confirm this?

We are working on this. It is almost fixed and hopefully ready, soon. What you can do this then is to add the ligatures manually (instead on relying on the features).

Thanks Georg, looking forward.

This would be nice to see also in TextPreview app;
Furthermore; to this thread subject;
Many designers find it practical to keep a minimum width for diacritics which automatically get a zero width upon export. So it would be great to have amongst the Feature list (on the left bottom window) the option to omit widths when choosing “Arabic” … thus typesetting text would display marks in the right position with no space interruptions.

Why would you want to give combining marks an advance width?

As mentioned; It is much easier to be selected for editing;
Unless there is a trick to enter for editing; Double-Click is almost impossible over a non-spacing.

You can leave them at a width convenient for editing. Non-spacing marks are automatically set to zero width at export.