Arabic Ligatures: not exporting


For some reason my Arabic ligatures are not exporting, I have activated the ligatures from the indesign Character menu. And ofcourse I have also created the ligatures in the glyphs file. How can I fix this?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Are they listed in the liga feature? If so, are they listed after the positional form features?

Hi @Tosche , not sure what you mean.
How can I see if they are listed in the liga feature? And how can I make sure they are listed after the positional form features?


The OpenType features are listed in the Font Info > Features. Look at the left column where you should be able to find other features like init, medi, and fine for example. If there is no liga, then the ligature glyphs you drew are not being used or used in dlig feature (discretionary ligatures; they are inactive by default and the user has to turn on).

If you want to make them appear by default, in other words get them picked up in the liga feature, the easiest way is to name the glyphs like this: lam_meem-ar.init.liga or qaf_yeh-ar.liga

And liga feature needs to be listed below the positional features, which means it will be executed after the positional forms.