Arabic Ligatures not working

I saw that the same issue was reported before but i still cant find the solution
features are automatically written
testing is done right using adobe font folder
using Version 2.4.1 (976)

This is a comparison between the font I’m working on “Montserrat Arabic” and other fonts with ligatures already working fine one of them is lalezar and it’s made using Glyphs
what is the cause for this issue?

Forgot to mention that you can access the source file on the github reb

I checked the file. Many of your ligatures went into dlig (discretionary ligatures), which the user manually has to activate. If you want the ligatures to automatically happen, you need to take the codes to liga or rlig (liga if you want the user to have a freedom to disable it, rlig if it needs to happen unconditionally). The easiest way is to add .liga or .rlig suffix to your ligature glyphs.


Thank you so much
this totally solved it

thank you again