Arabic Reh Ligatures: Automatic feature Generation problem


I believe there is something wrong with the logic in which all ligatures with reh/zain in them are automatically generated, such as: (reh_reh-ar, reh_reh-ar.fina, zain_reh-ar, zain_reh-ar.fina, reh_zain-ar, reh_zain-ar.fina,…etc),

and I think the reason is that the next glyph after a reh/zain will always be isolated or a .init glyph and not a .fina glyph like it would be like after most other Arabic letters.

While I already solved the problem by unticking the generate feature automatically box and re-writing the lines as follows:( sub zain-ar noon-ar. by zain_noon-ar;) instead of ( sub zain-ar noon-ar.fina by zain_noon-ar;) it took away from me the privilege of generating other ligatures automatically as it messes up the lines I already fixed.

I would like to know if there is a way to keep just the lines I fixed there and the rest would be generated automatically or is there some other way around it?

I’m using Version 2.5.2 (1176)

Can you send me a sample font that i can try it myself?