Arabic Sample Strings

I have copied and pasted some Arabic sample strings from Glyphs 2 to Glyphs 3, but sadly, some do not work well. Normal readable words and sentences preview well, but preset kerning pairs do not show.

These Arabic strings I have created in Glyphs 2 to space and kern Arabic fonts.

Is there a way to import these strings and use them in Glyphs 3 without having to set them all again from scratch?

I also noticed that the rliga feature for the lam_alef-ar set of ligatures is not previewing inside Glyphs 3 tab window.

Any suggestions or solutions?

Thank you?

You pasted them in the Preferences, right? Not sure I understand what exactly is not working.

For the features, make sure the features you want to preview are active, and features are compiled.

Like which one?

Copied and pasted from the Preferences window.
The features are active and compiled.

In the String, some arabic letters that have the full name placed in the string, instead of the typed letter itself, do not preview.

For the Lam-Alef, it does not show the ligature even if the r-liga is active and compiled.

Make sure that you select the Arabic!

Thanks Qassim

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