Are dagger and daggerdbl still in use?

Is the dagger still in use today? And if so, what for?
I want to know how much effort I should put in making them look awesome. :wink:

It is used as note signs or for dates for birth and death.

Okay, so no big problem if this is not a super-duper glyph.

Thanks Jacques.

And for history-conscious typographers as footnote markers. Like asterisks.

It will be important for designing books, scientific or cultural magazines, good typography in general :stuck_out_tongue:
I think itโ€™s the kind of glyph a savvy graphic designer will look at before buying a font, even if she/he will never use it at the end.

Has anyone ever seen a tripledagger in the wild? Just anecdotal but I seem to remember seeing footnotes become a bit random once both daggers have been used up.

Iโ€™m working on a corporate typeface that will mainly use it for web/app and simple print materials. Iโ€™ve already made the daggers, just in case. :wink: