Are double components problematic?


I’m coming from Robofont and there I used to have a workflow for components where I avoid any double components cases. For example, I use two components of guilsinglleft for guillemetleft, and then use again two components of guilsinglleft a bit higher for the But I could actually also use guillemetleft (= two guilsinglleft) as a component in

Is that an issue in Glyphs (regarding post-production/mastering) the case of “meta components”?

Thank you in advance!

Should be fine.

It is fine :wink:

Okay thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can one make a cap component by embedding one serif component inside it? I’ve tried this and the serif doesn’t show up.

I’m working on that. For now it is not possible.

Does it mean that it is not possible (for now) to use one _cap inside another _cap?

Correct. Caps cannot be nested.