Are Glyphs and Metrics Machine kerning compatible?

Glyphs and Metrics Machine seem to work fine together. Is there any reason I cannot use both programs to edit kerning in the same UFO file?

They should work fine together.

What does not work? Can you give some details?

There is a option in the preferences about the export of kerning classes. If you work with Metrics machine, you should disable both checkboxes in “Import UFO from Fontlab”.

Does this help?


I apologize for taking so long to respond. Everything works fine from what I can tell. I was just asking to be sure that there aren’t known problems.

I have a problem with importing kerning generated by Metrics Machine to Glyphs.

I have a VFB and UFO source file with kerning stored only in the kern feature. The kerning assistance in FontLab shows zero kerning pairs. When I import these files into Glyphs, the kerning data is stored in the prefix. Glyphs also does not recognise the kerning in the kerning palette.

feature kern {
# Class Kerning Data Generated by MetricsMachine 4.0.4
# UFO: …
# Date: Tuesday February 21, 2012 19:16:54

The problem is that I cannot edit the kerning, and if I add new
pairs, the original kerning from Metrics Machine wouldn’t work in the exported file.

What is the correct way to export kerning from Metrics Machine?

Can you send me the UFO file? mekka at my username dot com

Glyphs can’t import the kern feature. But Metrics Machine can write a .ufo with kerning data. This can be imported just fine.

I solved this problem by importing the .afm file into the VBF source. Then I exported the VBF file to Glyphs and the kerning was there.

The .afm file was exported from Metrics Machine(by my collaborator).