Are SVG files importable as glyphs

I’m taking a look at Glyph before I try it out. I’m wondering if it’s possible to import SVG files into a font: I found another post saying that Adobe Illustrator files can be imported, but it doesn’t say anything about regular SVG files, e.g. those created in Inkscape.

So: would I be able to import a regular SVG files of, say, a Z, into a Glyph font?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

(Edit: it looks like the forum app doesn’t really like certain Unicode characters like the em dash, heh.)

Yes. SVG files are supported.

I just downloaded the trial.

Tried copy/pasting an Illustrator (CS 1) outline into a glyph, but nothing happens.
The Import -> Outlines menu item is grayed.
.ai, .svg files can’t be opened (Error message says so).

How am I supposed to import my existing outlines?

Oh, I got it. It doesn’t work when you are editing a glyph. It works when on the Font tab…

Anyway, the outlines get corrupted on import, no matter what I do in illustrator (merge, etc…)

There are several possibilities:

Copy paste from Illustrator to the edit view with the selection tool selected.
Drag the svg file to the edit view.
Drag the svg file to the font view.