Artificial Intelligence Plugin

I had the idea to make a plugin that utilizes DeepVecFont-v2 (an AI) to make letterforms for you based on what you have already drawn. I have very little experience with coding, and I was wondering four things:

  1. Is it possible to make a plugin that draws entire glyphs for you?
  2. Is it possible for me to make this considering my very little coding experience.
  3. Whether or not this would be considered useful or acceptable in this community. I ask that because of the upheaval of the art industry after generate AI was released.
  4. What type of plugin would this be?
    Thank you for any responses!

I just had a quick look. Did you find the code for DeepVecFont-v2? I could only find it for version 1.

The first step would be to install and run it yourself. You probably learned a lot by then.

The code for DeepVecFont-v2 isn’t released yet, but Yizhi Wang (the dev) has said he will be releasing it very soon. In any case, I can just use v1. But thanks for checking!

The Code has been released, btw