Asking how to instance true italic in one project

i am trying to make italic version with instance of regular and bold master
because I want to use true italic like single story in ‘g’ and ‘a’ do I have to make an alternative version of g and a in italic master? I’ve tried replacing g with single story but it’s not compatible for instance
or should I create a separate project for the true italic version?
Thank you

Hi, what kind of exports are you talking about? Are you trying to export a variable font?

If you are only exporting static instances and don’t have instances that interpolate along the italic axis, don’t worry about the masters being incompatible. As long as the masters needed to interpolate the exporting instances, everything is fine.

For variable fonts with an interpolating italic axis, however, this is a whole different story. Do you require this (I will otherwise save five minutes detailing the necessary steps)? :wink:

This should help: Switching shapes | Glyphs

thanks for the response
yes I mean export the font variable. with 3 masters for light to bold and export the instance from light, light italic to bold, bold italic .
to make the master italic, if it is only duplicated and changed to cursive true italic, it is not compatible anymore because there are additions and subtractions of nodes. and can’t instance italic
curious about the steps :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks, that’s sound great ill try this