Assign different shortcuts to kerning

Is it possible to assign different keys to kerning actions?
To avoid confusion with adjusting side bearings?
Or, how can I lock the metrics/side bearings so not to inadvertently move them . . .

With the lock button at the bottom of the window, the one that looks like ‘To’.

Ah, OK. I thought that locked kerning. Looks like a ‘kern pair’

When I paste a string of glyphs into the Text mode I don’t automatically see the kern values. ‘Show Kern Values’ is turned on under View. They do show up if I cursor along the line. Is this normal or should the kern values show up if they are present in a string of glyphs?

There is problem when the cursor is in the very last position. The Reporter plug-in is only triggered when it has a layer to chew on. Technically, the last cursor position means ‘no layer selected’, and the plug-in does not draw.

OK. Well its a useful ‘bug’ as when used in combination with ctrl+space it clears all the feedback so you can focus just glyphs.

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