Assign one master to multiple designspace locations?

Hi! Is it possible to assign one master to multiple designspace locations in Glyphs? That seems to be technically allowed, so maybe there’s a way to do so with a script or a new custom parameter?

That would allow triangular designspaces without duplicating :slight_smile:

That is a good idea. But not possible at the moment. I’ll have a look.

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Hi! I was thinking about making this idea into a plugin, but stuck with this question: is there a way to cancel the current exporting from DOCUMENTEXPORTED?

Upon export, I want to break exporting, make a copy of the font, mess with masters and export from the copy instead.

Why don’t you write this as an export plugin, in that case? You have far more control like that: Once the export button of your export plugin is hit, you make a copy of the font and do all the fiddling you want.

You can find templates using either xib or vanilla in the Python templates: GlyphsSDK/Python Templates/File Format at Glyphs3 · schriftgestalt/GlyphsSDK · GitHub

That’s an option of course, but then it can’t be combined with other export plugins (or has to be built into each).

Building an export plugin for this is a bit overkill. A filter plugin is the better choice. There are callbacks that can handle those things.

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Isn’t filter called for each layer of each instance? Duplicating masters that many times seems way longer than just copying the font once and doing the export from it. No way to stop exporting from export callback?

You can add the filter to the variable font setting, it will thus automatically be applied on export (not for every instance, only the instances you add it to in the custom parameters).