Assistance with creating a Font

Hello, I came from a school assignment using, and I have finished designing a font. However, the kerning I made in that program isn’t exporting correctly. The Glyphs export seems to have all the correct kerning done (from a cursory glance).

As I don’t own a Mac, or have ready access to one, can someone assist me with creating a font export from the .glyphs file? Thanks in advance.

(Yes I have already sent a bug report in to FontStruct, but my school assignment is coming to a close, and while my professor is aware and lenient of this issue, using my font without kerning will be a nightmare).

If you are familiar using the command line, you could generate fonts from your glyphs files with the Python module fontmake.

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Thanks! I am glad you stepped in because apparently the FontStruct export doesn’t even work :frowning:
Thanks for the help again.

Hello, as a fellow non-Mac user I can sympathise with your struggle. In case it doesn’t work out with fontmake, let me know and I would be happy to export your .glyphs file into a usable font (I run Glyphs on a VM on Windows, but that’s besides the point).

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Thanks for the offer, because the .glyphs file is inherently broken with a missing parenthesis, I am not sure how it would interact with the Glyphs program itself. In the meantime, I have already resolved the issue of creating a font and I am continuing with my project. Thanks for the offer!

Could you send me the brocken .glyphs file to be able to tell the fontstruct people to fix this.

(As a new user, I wasn’t able to upload here, so I just uploaded to a website I knew about).