Auto-aligned component on x axis with manual y axis offset — how did I get here?

Revisiting .sups and .subs in a typeface I’m working on (Inter), I realize my .subs—which are components of .sups—are automatically aligned on the x axis but manually aligned on the y axis. I made this many years ago, possibly in RoboFont before switching to Glyphs.

I didn’t think this was possible in Glyphs. It is really useful!
How can I create something like this from scratch?

If the glyph info specifies a glyph’s case as ‘minor’, it is moveable in the italic angle. Intended for small figures and the like.


How can I set this ‘minor’ property on a glyph? (For example, it would be really useful for .case glyphs)

Looking at Window → Glyph Info, I don’t see the ‘minor’ property. Am I looking in the wrong place perhaps? (Or is it the “Modifier” subcategory == “the ‘minor’ property”?)

Edit > Info for Selection

Woah! I’ve used Glyphs for years and I keep learning about new gems. Amazing. Thank you :•)

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