Auto-alignment fails with more than 20 components

Working in G2 v1350 and auto-alignment stops working after we have 20 components in a glyph. Any new components added via the menu appear at their (0,0) position, or if added by copy-paste they appear in the same position they were copied from.

That is a build in threshold as I never saw a glyphs that needs more than a few (10?) aligned components. The only glyphs that need more components are pixels fonts and those don’t need alignment – so I thought. What are you trying to do?

Hi Georg, thanks, I thought it must be something like that.

Here’s an example. I like to make composites with a large number of things that are auto-aligned, so I can gauge horizontal and vertical spacing, and size and density of marks relative to each other. I can also do font-wide adjustments by decomposing particular elements, for example if I want to make all the descenders shorter in this example, or move the abovemarks upwards, I can decompose just those parts, select the relevant nodes or components and move them up in one go.

In another example, I needed to see how shifting the baseline and scaling things down would look on a set of glyphs in one go.

Doing it this way allows me to compare the adjustments with the original glyphs.

That doesn’t seem to be the right way to do this. Maybe we can do a Skype call that you can show me what you are doing?