Auto alignment sometimes scrambling component glyph

I’m having problems with automatic alignment scrambling component glyphs. When I make f_b, f_h, f_k, and f_l ligatures with fligaaltcomb + , everything works fine. (fligaaltcomb a version of f modfied to fit nicely with these glyphs.) But when I try to make f_i and enable automatic alignment, the f and I swap places. Same thing when I try to make f_j, or to make f_f_l using ffligaaltcomb + l. Meanwhile, f_f_i works fine. What am I doing wrong?

Can you try calling it f.ligaaltcomb, i.e., with a dot separating glyph name from suffix. Glyphs reads the name up to the first dot and looks it up in its glyph database to determine the kind of glyph (letter, mark, etc.) and derive the kind of alignment it needs.