Auto-building CCMP feature



I just tried generating the CCMP feature automatically and found somehow the lookups are quadruplicated:

I was actually hoping it could automatically add rules to compose Latin accented characters but there’s no sign of them, is that expected behaviour? For example R + ringbelowcomb + macroncomb, is there a way for Glyphs to write the rules automatically to compose that?

EDIT also to write

sub [i j]' @CombiningTopAccents by [dotlessi dotlessj];

I thought that might be automatic too?


Can you send me the file that produces this 4 lookups.

Is the R_ringbelowcomb_macroncomb any different than the three components stuck together? Why do you have a precomposed glyph for it?

It should generate the i j line (if you have all the glyphs).


Actually you’re right maybe I don’t need to have a precomposed R̥̄but I like to have it there to be sure it’s going to get composed correctly (in this website font it’s not composing correctly). But certainly for Mcedilla I need a precomposed version as I want it to look different to the components stuck together.

Just realised I used nonstandard names for dotlessi, dotlessj, they should be idotless and jdotless if this is to work.

Will send the file


I fixed the duplicate lookups and the update is up already.


Lovely jubbly! Thanks Georg.