Auto correction of side bearing values

I am designing a Kannada typeface as components in Glyphs, and the app is auto correcting certain glyphs and its variants to zero width. Please look at characters kn_Halant, kn_Halant.alt1, kn_MatraE, kn_MatraE.alt1, kn_MatraAu. Is there something I can turn off somewhere to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

Pria.BandipurDark-Regular.ttf (52.9 KB)

Those glyphs are probably defined as zero-width in the unicode standard.

Or the glyph names are not set up correctly so the glyph categories are wrong. Can you check the category and subcategory of those affected glyphs. That is easy in list mode (the second icon in the toolbar).

If you don’t use the internal glyph names, you probably need a custom glyph data file.

Hi Georg, you are right, they are non-spacing marks., I updated the xml file and it seems be working great.

Thanks a million for the clarification.