Auto generate diacritcs

What if I generate language glyphs before making my comb diacritics and when I draw them, the components doesnt show in each glyph… How can I tigger this without deleting / generating again? thanks again

Please read chapter 2.4.5 of the handbook, or better yet, all chapters. It’s not long.

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If you draw a diacritic in, say, aacute, select the acute, right click, and choose Component from Selection from the context menu.

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I meant; I draw ‘acutecomb’ and there is nothing in ‘aacute’ but generated, how can I add ‘a’ and ‘acutecomb’ without deleting and generating the glyph ‘aacute’ again

Glyph > Make Component Glyph.

And I’m sorry, I meant 2.4.4.

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