Auto-replacement of 1/4 to real fractions?

Hello: How do I make a OT-script, that auto-generate real fractions (I have designed real fractions already), from e.g. 3/4, 1/4, and so? I HAVE made a script called Fractions, but It have to be ‘turned on’ in for example InDesign, before it works …

When you say script, you mean OT feature (code)?

If you have the OT feature frac In Fule > Font Info > Features, and compiled features with the Compile button, and exported the font in the Adobe Fonts folder, then you should be able to activate fractions in the OpenType submenu of the character palette. Typing the numbers with a slash in between should yield the fraction.

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When you say script, you mean OT feature (code)?

I already have a correct-working OT-feature called Fractions. What I want is an OT-feature, where the system auto-generate fractions while I type them?! Is that possible? Thanks …

If you have the fraction glyphs (like “onehalf” and such, then you just need to hit the update button in the feature panel.

Why do you prebuild the fraction glyph, instead of relying on the numerator + fraction + denominator to build fraction on the fly.

Thank you. I prebuild the most fraction-glyphs so I can control the distance between numerators / fraction / denominators …

Just kern them. I usually add the encoded fraction glyphs and build them from auto-aligned components. Then kern them and the alignment is picking up the proper spacing.