Autohint button unchecked for TTF export

Hi Georg and Eric,

Could you please clarify what happens to the TTF files when I have the autohint button unchecked at export, I’m saving as TTF and I have some TTFautohint instructions in my instances? Will the instructions force the activation of ttfauthoint or will my TTF files be totally unhinted?

I’m experiencing some issues printing TTF from Word on A3, shapes get severely deformed (like they have been hacked), and the only solution seems to export with the autohint button not checked. The tutorial in the Apply Autohinting section, suggests that the autohint button only refers to PostScript Autohinting and should be off at export for TTF files, but the Glyphs handbook in the 15.4.3 Generating OpenType/TT Fonts section seems to suggest that in case of saving as TTF files, the autohint button activates ‘ttfautohint algorithm by Werner Lemberg to all glyphs’.

I just want to make sure that the final TTF files will still be hinted by ttfautohint, but also avoid the shape deformation that I get from checking the autohint box.

The autohinting instructions are only applied if the autohinting is active. Hinting means to deform the shapes. That is the point of it. You can’t have hinting and keep the outlines.

When I previously wrote severely deformed I meant this deformed:

The only solution so far was to uncheck the autohint box.

This happens with autohinting? That shouldn’t happen. Maybe you have some messed up ttfautohint settings?

Yes it’s with autohinting. I’ve investigated the issue a little more, will send an email about it soon!