Automatic alignment italic superiors

I have a question regarding small numerals such as superiors: When they consist of automatic aligned components, shouldn’t they shift corresponding to the italic angle?

As far as I can tell, the position of the components is not enforced at all for them. I could try to implement that.

Wouldn’t metric keys suffice in this case?

But it displays the metrics as “auto”.

I tried to implement the alignment for the small figures. Need to test it a bit more. But fixed the display if the metrics values that it doesn’t falsely shows ‘auto’.

It works quite nicely, now. Can you try this version:

Pay close attention to the position of all component in small figures (sups, subs, numr and dnom).

And I changed to ordering of the numbers. You might need to run “Update Glyph Info” for one glyph to trigger the sorting.

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yes, works perfect. Thanks for the fast implementing!

I can shift small component numerals (like superior or inferior) vertically, also when automatic alignment is set to on. Should it not also work with other characters, such as a.sups or plus.sinf?

I changed it, but it will be in a later version. I don’t like to change things like this in a small version jump any more.

It’s not in in the latest update, right?

It should work in version 983 (and a few versions before). Can you send me your file to see what is wrong?


Not really this topic, but similar one, I think. I’m having some problems with automatic alignment on italics. Check the attached example. The original LSB is 36 and RSB 30. But as you can see on the print screen, when I rotate it, glyphs gives me different values. In this case they are similar, but sometimes it gives me crazy values. Can you explain me why? Maybe I’m not understanding the logic.