Automatic alignment path and component

Is there a way to add automatic sidebearing alignment if a glyph contains a component and a path (and the path goes outside the area of the component? Most obvious example is the Q made of an O component and a tail. In Fontlab it would ignore the path and would set the sidebearings according to the component. Or is the only way to never mix components and paths?

Add a width metrics key (type ‘O’ in the width field).

Ah, I didn’t know that you can do this in the width field as well, great! But what if the path extends beyond both sides of the component?

Here is what I do in my fonts:

  1. Select the path
  2. Right click > Component from Selection, name it _tail.Q (because of the preceding underscore, it will be created as non-exporting)
  3. Copy bottom anchor from /O into /_tail.Q, rename it to _bottom (i.e., add an underscore at the beginning).

The Q now inherits the width from the O, and the tail is aligned like an accent.

Great, thanks!