Automatic Alignment - side bearings

I have a glyph composed with two glyphs with automatic alignment enabled. While the left side bearing is picked up from the left side glyph, the right side bearing is not coming from the right side glyph.

The third snap shot is the composed glyph. The left side bearing of 50 is correct. But the right should be 70 but shows 100 instead. How is it arriving at 100?

I have several glyphs that are composed with the iMatra on the right. They are all showing different values for RSB. How can I fix them at 70?

Do all the layers of the smart glyph have the same right sidebearing?

There is only one layer in the smart glyph.

I fixed this by disabling and re-enabling automatic alignment for the composed glyphs. I wish the side bearings get picked up automatically in automatic alignment when changes are made to the component glyphs :grin:

It should be picked up.

Actually, it does get picked up. I think there is a bug in the UI. In the third image, the right side bearing says auto (100), but it is actually 70. It should say auto (70). When I disable and reenable auto-alignment, it shows auto (70).