Automatic alignment with y offset

I’m a bit confused: How do automatically aligned components with y offset work?

I hope this screen cast is self-explanatory: I have glyphs like twosuperior or that contain only one component, I want the same sidebearings but a different y position.

Previously, I used a component without auto-alignment and with sidebearing formulas. Now I found out I can simply switch the twosuperior to auto-alignment, which has exactly the same effect but is more elegant. Nice!

Tried the same thing with the, and Glyphs doesn’t allow the y offset, unlike the twosuperior. Why is it behaving differently? To me it looks perfectly analogous but it seems I am missing something.

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The way this is handled is the auto alignment of numbers allows for shifting along the Y axis, since that is a common use-case. Normal auto aligned components appear gray-green while auto aligned components that can be shifted appear gray-blue.

Thanks for the explanation, hadn’t noticed that slightly different colour.

However, isn’t case-sensitive punctuation just as common as shifting numbers?

You are right. I’ll see if I can make it work for .case glyphs.


Is this possible for .case glyphs now? I have seen it working in another project but cant get it to work in mine. Or is there some feature/option i have to add or enable?

There is an option to trigger this for any component. There is no UI, yet so you need to set it with a script.
Select a component in the edit view and run this in the macro window:

Layer.selection[0].alignment = 3

You need version 3.1.1 for it to work.


Thank you!