Automatic alignment

Can you activate automatic alignment with the marks as it is in Glyphs?

In letters, it is activated by default.

It is deactivated:

  1. when File > Font Info > Other Settings > Disable automatic alignment is set
  2. in imported fonts when Glyphs > Preferences > User Settings > Disable automatic alignment in imported files is set
  3. when the automatic alignment of components inside the compound glyph has been disabled through their context menu

All of these options deal with the components when they are in the classification Letter

But: the “components” when they are in the classification mark: How can I use automatic alignment here?

Can you give an example? For which marks do you need automatic alignment?

Automatic alignment exists only for letters. For other categories, it turned out to be not useful.

We will discuss it, but mark-to-mark positioning takes care of the combination shadda+damma already. In other words, if you do not make the ligature shadda_damma-ar, shadda and damma already look the way you want it to when you type shadda, then damma.

One reason to make this ligature would be if it uses different shapes (I often see flatter versions in combined marks) or different positioning (e.g. closer together), and then automatic alignment would be in the way.

Or do you want backwards compatibility Unicode FC61? Then this would be a task for a script. Give me a little time then.

automatic alignment Feature with the marks will not only help me in 1 mark, but with all marks.

What I said above is also true for the other mark combinations. With mkmk, you do not need them in an OT font.

I am writing a script “Align Arabic Double Marks”. This should not be done with automatic alignment.

Update: the script is in the Arabic subfolder of

I’ve tested the script, which works well, but here defect: in shadda_kasratan-ar and shadda_kasra-ar

The order of components is wrong in those: shadda is the second component in these two. Easiest way to fix it:

  1. Select shadda_kasratan-ar and shadda_kasra-ar
  2. Layers > Make Component Glyph
  3. Run the script again

EDIT: please read post #14 first, I believe this here is no good.

Shadda is a top mark, kasra and kasratan are bottom marks. The script can only connect kasra’s _bottom to shadda’s top anchor. If you want to automate that, I suggest making a separate and with _top and top anchors where the bottom and _bottom anchors were.

  1. Font > Add Glyphs:

  2. In kasra-ar and kasratan-ar: cmd-A, cmd-A (twice) and shift-drag across everything to deselect the paths. Only the anchors should be selected now, copy. Paste in the .top variants.

  3. Rename (select + press Return) the anchors:
    _bottom -> top
    bottom -> _top

  4. In shadda_kasra-ar, select the kasra-ar component and add “.top” to its name in the grey info box. Same thing with shadda_kasratan-ar

Now they are all top marks, and the script should work fine.

Or wait a minute, the kasra connects to the bottom of the shadda, right? Fffff, that would be a major rewrite of the script. Is it just these two cases where this occurs? I mean that a bottom mark connects to the bottom of a top mark. Then I can hardcode these two cases.

Yes, what you said is true. Only two cases for the marks : shadda_kasratan-ar and shadda_kasra-ar … these only .rewrite the script pls.

any new updates ?

Yes. It works now. I have had internet problems, will upload the fix in a few hours.
EDIT: I just uploaded the new version of the script. Please re-download and try again.

Thank you very much Dear result very, very excellent

Cool! Thank you for your feedback.

Sir mekkablue

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Can Script: Add Anchor at the top and bottom of the marks with these formations?

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