Automatic c2sc feature

Hey all,

The autogenerate of smcp and c2sc works fine provided that both uppercase and lowercase use the same name (i.e. Dje-cy + dje-cy). But of course it breaks when they both use the unicode values (i.e. uni0400 + uni0450).
Is there any way to make it smarter? Or is manual writing of the feature the only solution?


Automatic feature code requires a certain naming convention, otherwise it is an endless pit. If you follow your own naming convention, you will also have to write the feature code yourself.

Yeap! Following a personal naming convention makes perfect sense. I was wondering whether Glyphs could understand the association between uppercase/lowercase based on their unicode values.

The feature code generator handles a lot glyphs that don’t have unicode so it has to rely on the name.

If you use the uniXXXX because you like then to be in the final font, you don’t need to. Glyphs will use proper production names on export. So you have to decide if you really need you own names or automatic features :wink:

I am using the uniXXXX for Cyrillic Adobe 3. On the exported files the names stay like this. I had to manually write the c2sc feature but it’s ok.

Kostas: You can set the “production name” to be something different than the “nice name”. Try “info for selection”.

Hey Frode. Thanks.

The uni names will be assigned automatically. You don’t need to deal with that yourself.