Automatic centring/locking width of tabular characters


i’m having a great time using the =| functions in the spacing, but i’m wondering how that can be applied to tabular stuff. for most of my .tf, i would like for them to stay in the dead centre. let’s say my tabular lining glyph is a component of my non tabular version of the same character, and i write LSB 44 and RSB =| and that equals a character width of 600. the second the spacing of the non tabular glyph changes with lets say 2 units, the next time i update the spacing of the font it would be LSB 46 and RSB =| and have a character width of 604 – not ideal. it would be nice to be able to insist on or lock the character width of the tabular. is there an already existing method that i’m not aware of, or would this be something that’s interesting to implement?

thanks you

Add a “=600” to the width field.

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