Automatic Generation of Adobe Latin Character Sets?

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Is it at all possible to automtatically generate character sets based on the adobe latin sets? e.g. Adobe Latin 1 (ISO-Adobe), Adobe Latin 2 (Adobe Western 2), Adobe Latin 3 (Adobe CE) etc…

As opposed to Basic, Western European etc…

Sorry if this has already been covered, i couldn’t seem to find anything on it…


You can make your own List Filters with any list of glyph names you want. You can copy the old Adobe encodings from here:

To add the glyphs, just right-click the list filter.

Why do you need those old 8-bit encodings?

Thanks mekkablue

Forgive my ignorance but what should I be referring to, to define Standard & Pro (extended) character sets for my fonts?

There is no standard way to decide if it is Std or Pro. And it does not make much sense to do so. Especially if based on the character set.

Some foundries use a western european set for Std and add CE and Cyrillic/Greek for Pro. But that doesn’t make sense, why do you need to pay more to write something in Polish or Czech?

Maybe add Smallcaps and other alternates for the Pro version?

Great, thanks for the info George

If you would like more information about encoding, check the standard layouts that Linotype adheres to.

The documents for each are downloadable PDFs.

The only situation I can think of where it really makes sense to cut down the character set is for a webfont. Otherwise I wouldn’t differentiate between std and pro. This is nineties’ thinking when people expected expert fonts and other nonsense. With Opentype and Unicode, this should be a thing of the past.

It is a thing of the past, at least at Monotype. It stopped making Std version a few years before.

Thanks everyone.

I am trying to establish what my character set should cover as a minimum and was hoping there might be a general consensus amongst the type community to what is acceptable.

Learning as i go

Create all latin diacritics - not only few. It's a piece of cake with Glyphs. I hate (as a designer) fonts that lack diacritics. It is like saying: hey, I don't give a f**k about your stupid language, while I care about some other for some reason...

That’s my way :slight_smile:

Thanks dadastudio

Makes sense